Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hot Chow!!!

Yummy Indian Restaurant

Bob & Curry

I had the pork cutlet curry with rice.  I ordered some traditional nan bread, some kind of mango drink and a coke.  The curry sauce was of course pretty spicy, so I used the mango drink to counter the heat.

This mango drink was actually really good.  It could of been a bit colder but very good nonetheless.

Walking Around Daegu

Time to eat some live OCTOPUS
First time by the way!!!

Octopus restaurant

I tried to upload a video but was unsuccessful so I uploaded it on my facebook.  Check it out here!

No video of me eating live octopus unfortunately.  I literally tried forever to pick the live octopus coated in oil with metal chop sticks.  Definitely much, much easier said then you think.  The suction cups on the tentacles kept clinging to the bowl which made it a challenge to pick up.  Then once I picked it off the bowl it wouldn't come off the chop sticks.  It definitely kicked my but.  I finally gave up on the metal chop sticks and used my fingers.  By the time I was able to get one in my mouth, my camera man whom I thought was recording the whole time wasn't recording after all so no video or picture of me eating the live octopus.  Too bad, maybe next time!


Your standard reusable soda bottle. 

After eating most of the food in the pan, the waitresses came over and stirred in rice in with the leftovers.

This waitress was quite smitten with Captain White.  Here she is wiping the sweat off his head with a napkin.  This of course is after she pick up a huge piece of live octopus and shoved it in his mouth.  Twice.  Gross!  

These were in the back of a cab I was in.  This guy was using rotten fruit as his car's air freshener.  Needless to say, I rolled down my window during this cab ride.  Nasty!