Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weeks Five & Six

I'm not sure what this place is.  It's up the road from my hotel.

Here's a close-up of the statue next to the temple like building.

It finally snowed in Daegu.  Here's a view from my hotel room window that morning.

Some of the Marines waiting out front of the Hotel for a cab.  Well we all waited for over 30 minutes as vacant cabs drove by without stopping, some u-turned to avoid us, and most just flat out decided not to drive in the snow.  Long story short, we finally made it in around lunch time.

Here's the snowman the Marine's from the shop made.  This is the first snowman I've ever seen that needed a bra.

This is where I make it happen.

Here's a shot of the entrance to the shop.

View from inside the Camp.  I was walking to the gate to catch a cab out in town since no cabs were allowed on the Camp because of the snow.

I wanted to buy a tangerine from this guy so I put one finger up signaling one tangerine.  This guy put an entire bowl of tangerines in a bag instead.  Okay no problem it was only about 3 or 4 thousands won.  Well, after about a couple days all of the tangerines were rotten and moldy.  Good thing rotten moldy tangerines smell like...well like tangerines!

Went back to the chicken restaurant and tried a different flavor.  This time I ordered the Dakgangjung Crunch Chicken.  Not sure what it was flavored with but it was a bit too hot for my taste-buds.  Notice the bowl of rice. Although rice isn't on the menu, I was able to persuade the waitress to bring me a bowl.

On my way to the chowhall.  I've lost count on how many soldiers I've had to snatch up in this walkway for not saluting.  I'm nice about it, I simply ask them if their arm is broken!


This picture isn't much but I put it up anyway.  A couple days before at this very crosswalk, there was a Korean on a motorbike carrying about an eight foot tall pile of something on the back of his motorbike.  It was so ridiculous that I stared at it in disbelief instead of pulling out my camera.

Korean Traditional Restaurant.  Located a couple shops down from Gorilla Burger.

Some bottomless appetizers.  The middle bowl is kimchi but I don't know what the other two bowls were.  The waitress brought this out before the entree was brought out.  I say bottomless because as we consumed the contents in the bowls, the waitress kept refilling them.  

Kimchi!!!  This actually the first time I've tried kimchi.  Not bad.  Not on my top 10 or top 100 for that matter but it wasn't bad.

Okay I ordered a bowl of mixed vegetables on some kind of "special rice", topped with raw sliced beef.  Yes, RAW!!!  This was unknown to me when I ordered, since the word, "raw" was no where in the description.  Well, I tried it of course.  It definitely did not taste like what I imagined raw meat would taste like so it wasn't a show stopper.  I could only manage no more than three bites of the beef though.  The rest of the food was delicious including the bean-sprout soup on the top right corner.

The waitress brought this out after we were done with our entree.  At first glance it looked like some sort of dipping sauce like soy sauce.  Since we were done with our meal, I was curious what it was and why it was brought out so I picked it up to take a sniff.  To my surprise, it smelt like cough syrup.  Okay, whatever...bottoms up.  It tasted like a mix between cough syrup and apple juice.  It as super sweet and semi-thick.  All in all, weird to put it plainly.

Saw this cat in the window of this store as I walked by.  Yes it's real.  It blends in great with the decor!

I pass by this building regularly.  There's something about the intrigues me.  Must be the vines.

Back fro another go at Gorilla Burger.  This time I decided to go big or go home.  I ordered the Empire Burger and Gorilla chili cheese fries.

The Empire Burger comes with hash brown, mozzarella cheese, sliced cheese, pineapple, two strips of bacon, lettuce, tomato, BBQ sauce and topped with a fried egg.   This is the first burger I actually had to eat with a knife and fork because of its size and toppings.  On a scale of 1 to 10, it earned an 8.  As for the chilly cheese fries, they were good as well.  The chili had just enough heat to make it tingle on your tongue. 

Looks like a local high school baseball team preforming something on stage.  They kept bending over on to their heads then springing up to their feet while shouting and singing in Korean. 

We need one of these in Okinawa.  I'd have a happier wife!

This is for you hun!!!

Here is the entrance to the Metro Plaza, a corridor of shops, restaurants and entrances to the subway.

All of these shops run underneath the streets from one end of downtown to the other.  This is one side of the corridor.

This is the hub at the center of the Metro Plaza.

Many of the coffee shops make these delicious waffles like these displayed outside of Goo's Coffee.

Here is the cleaning lady who continued to clean the men's restroom with people in it.  I walked it, saw her mopping and assumed she would walk out.  No, she kept right on with her business as more and more people walked in.  Needless to say, I passed on the urinal and went for one of the stalls.

In Korea, men carry their significant others purse for them.  Why?

The view from the second deck at the Starbucks by the hotel.

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